Rate Trend of the Week: Flatbed data showing seasonal decline

November contract numbers show increases in van and reefer numbers while flatbed declined two cents. This is not surprising, as flatbed rates tend to cool off with the onset of winter weather. We are also seeing a dip in very recent flatbed spot market numbers which accelerated in the last week. The four major outbound markets of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles all showed declines in flatbed rates. Let’s look at some highlights for December compared to November (all rates are for line haul per mile)-

Atlanta market:

  • Overall decline of 6.7% for flatbed with major lanes mixed
  • Atlanta to Philadelphia declined $0.36 (from $1.93 to $1.57) [note Philadelphia is up 6.7% overall]
  • Atlanta to Los Angeles declined $0.28 (from $1.68 to $1.40)
  • Atlanta to Chicago increased $0.32 (from $1.24 to $1.56)
  • Atlanta to Charlotte increased by $0.48 (from $1.16 to $1.64)

Chicago market:

  • Overall decline of 1.6% for flatbed, most rate changes nominal
  • Chicago to Philadelphia declined by $0.27 (from $2.22 to $1.95)
  • Chicago to Dallas increased by $0.11 (from $1.42 to $1.53)

Dallas market:

  • Overall decline of 4.0% for flatbed, two lanes down sharply
  • Dallas to Memphis declined by $0.54 (from $1.46 to $0.92)
  • Dallas to Denver declined by $0.36 (from $1.68 to $1.32)[note Denver to Dallas is up $0.22]

Los Angeles market:

  • Overall decline of 1.2% for flatbed despite increased regional and intrastate rates
  • Sharpest decline in Los Angeles to Chicago which fell by $0.21 per mile
  • Flatbed rates to Atlanta and Dallas also fell by $0.09 and $0.10 respectively

For each week’s Rate Trend, we analyze changes in freight movement and rates on the spot market in the top 48 lanes across the U.S. These routes serve major markets, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. We also look at secondary markets such as Columbus, Denver and Memphis.

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