Rate Trend of the Week: Slow Growth, not a Double Dip

Van rates were stable in the seven days ending November 9,but rates for reefers and flatbeds are starting to slip in major markets. Thisis a typical pattern — cold weather sets in, and demand subsides forrefrigerated and open-bed trailers.

Chicago was a bright spot in the past week, with a 1.4%increase in van rates, particularly in the outbound lanes to Atlanta, Coumbusand Philadelphia. Reefer rates increased from Chicago, but the rising ratesfrom Chicago to Dallas were offset by a 2.3% rate decline on the backhaul.

For flatbeds, no major markets showed an overall averageincrease in rates, although a few lanes improved. Rates from Chicago toPhiladelphia, for example, increased 13%. This was probably due to pent-updemand following the early snowstorms of the previous weeks.

Spot market freight volume is also above the historicallevels for this time of year. American Trucking Associations also reportedyear-over-year growth in its most recent For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index(seasonally adjusted), and rail and intermodal freight reports from Stephensand others also show 3% to 4% expansion, year over year.

What does it all mean to you? The spot freight market is avery dynamic sub-segment of the transportation sector, and trends on the spotmarket act as a bellwether for the industry and for the economy as a whole. Wesee it as a positive sign when rates are stable on the spot market –especially for vans — in October and November, a time when you would expect aseasonal decline.

Assembling the big picture in my mind, I add this piece ofthe puzzle to what I see as a continuing pattern of slow growth in thetransportation sector. By extension, these are indications of slow but steadygrowth in the economy. we’ll know more in a few weeks, when we see the firstretail impact of the holiday shopping season. Meanwhile, growth is not as fastas we might prefer, but it’s not a recessionary pattern, either.

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