Rate Trend of the Week: Van and Reefer Rates Hot

What’s Hot:

Dry van rates increased 1% in the past week in majormarkets. This increase broke the six week trend of declining rates. The uptickin rates may be due to the end-of-the month push to move freight out the doorbefore Labor Day weekend but it could also be a sign of increased demand inconsumer goods. Denver, Charlotte, Stockton and Chicago all recorded anincrease in rates indicating that current van freight is a mixture of produceand consumer goods.

Reefer rates are up 0.9% in major markets across thecountry. Produce harvests in Nogales, Colorado and Michigan drove rates up inthe past week. Even Central Florida recorded an increase in outbound producelanes compared to the past week. For more information on the reefer produceactivity, visit the DAT Seasonal Produce Report page, updated weekly.

What’s Not:

Van rates are down 0.8% for the month of August comparedto July. The week-over-week increase in the final week of the month wasn’tenough to boost the month average. Past data suggests that September usuallysees an increase in rates for vans. The coming weeks will likely suggest ifwe’ll see the same uptick in September 2011.

What’s Up:

Flatbed rates remain flat week over week with regionalshifts balancing the week’s average. Demand for construction materials in theSoutheast region of the country continues to soften as Atlanta recorded a 2.6%decline in rates and recorded the largest dip in rates over the past week. Incontrast, lanes out of Dallas increased 2.1% in the past week supported by thelane to New Orleans, Chicago and Atlanta. Rates for the month of August aredown 1.7%, which isn’t much of a surprise but we’ll see where they go inSeptember.

Have you seen similar movement this past week? Have a hunchwhere the market might go next? Comment below, I’m curious what you’re seeingout on the road.

I will also be available LIVE on the blog Tuesday, September 6, at 4:30PM (Pacific) answering your questions on rates and trihauls. If you havea question, feel free to submit it in the comments at the bottom of this post,and I’ll answer it LIVE on the blog, Monday afternoon!

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