Rate Trend of the Week: What’s Hot and What’s Not

What’s Hot:

Van rates may not be “hot” this week, but they areshowing signs of stability. For the month of July, rates were down 2.9% fromJune’s high of $1.37/mile. In the past week, rates are only down 1.1% as mostmajor markets recorded minimal shifts. Rates from Chicago are beginning to reboundto levels more familiar with June while regions impacted by July’s extreme heatare recording declining rates. I suspect we will see van rates level out throughoutthe month of August as the Midwest and East Coast record less declines.

What’s Not:

Reefer rates from Los Angeles are down for the fourthconsecutive week as lanes from LA recorded an overall 2% decline. This is a keymarket for reefer rates and activity in LA can often drive overall rate movementduring times of slower freight shipments. In the past week, load volume inSouthern California markets appear to be on the rise, as recorded on TransCore’sNetwork of Load Boards, and we may see rates for this region pick up inmid-August. On a national level, rates for this segment are only down 0.9%.

What’s Up?:

Overall flatbed rates are stable, but regionally we’reseeing increases and declines that don’t indicate a clear trend. Atlanta ratesjumped over 4% while Chicago dipped 2%. Willflatbed rates continue to plateau and hold June’s high? Or will they have alate, but sharp, decline? We’ll keep you up to date on the activity.

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