Spot Market Rate Trend of the Week: Van Rates Movin' On Up

Van rates are rebounding from a mid-month low. In the past two weeks, van rates have fallen an additional 0.8% but many lanes have started moving back up. One notable lane, Chicago to Los Angeles, has climbed upward by $0.08 per mile in the last two weeks.

Biggest Increases

Chicago has passed Los Angeles for the highest outbound average rates. No market is showing any notable increases. Dallas, Columbus, and Denver are showing price stability. The largest change in a major lane was a $0.20 per mile increase in van rates moving from the Orlando area to the Atlanta commercial zone. The best bet for outbound rates may be Memphis, TN.

Biggest Decreases

In the last month, outbound linehaul rates from Los Angeles have declined by 6.9%. TransCore’s load-to-truck ratio confirms the recent weakness from this market. Atlanta has the second-largest decline, with rates at 5.7% below December levels. The top three markets for outbound price are now Chicago, followed by Los Angeles and Atlanta. Dallas and Philadelphia are tied among major markets for lowest price.

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