Spot Market Rate Trend of the Week: Van Rates Vary in November

The national average van rates were up by a penny in the first week of November, to $1.28 per mile for line haul. That seemingly innocuous statistic masks a range of $0.61 to $2.21 per mile for line haul, as well as a change from October rates that varied by as much as $0.21 per mile on the upside to $0.24 below the October rate for the same lane. To move from linehaul cost to ‘all-in’ or total rate add $0.33 for the TransCore calculated van fuel surcharge this week.

Highest rates:

  • Columbus to Philadelphia: $2.54 per mile (‘all-in’ total) this week, up by $0.11 from the October average.
  • Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ paid $2.03 for line haul ($2.36 ‘all-in’ total) down $0.03 from October.

Lowest rates:

  • Routes to Los Angeles paid less than $1.03 per mile (‘all-in’ total) from three origin cities: Dallas, Denver and Atlanta
  • The Dallas to L.A. rate declined by $0.06 from the October linehaul average of $0.70 ($1.03 ‘all in’)
  • Denver and Atlanta rates increased this week to L.A., by $0.05 and $0.02, respectively.

Biggest increases:

  • Philadelphia to Richmond, VA added $0.21 to the $1.50 linehaul rate carriers received in October on the same route.
  • Overall, rates on short haul traffic are holding up better than rates on the longer hauls.

Biggest declines:

  • Atlanta to Charlotte NC got paid $0.24 less, on average, as linehaul rates dropped from $1.37 in October to $1.13 in November to-date.
  • The Atlanta-Charlotte rate is not surprising as the NC freight market looks stronger than GA and Charlotte to Atlanta is the headhaul direction
  • Chicago to Minneapolis rates dropped by $0.13, from $1.32 in October to $1.19 this week. In the broader Chicago market covering zip codes 600-608 however, rates were actually up at $1.35/mile linehaul based on 145 truckload reports.