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How is COVID-19 affecting capacity and freight rates?

COVID-19 has become one of the most disruptive events to hit supply chains in our lifetime, and the DAT Analytics team is publishing regular reports to track its impact on freight markets. See what's new this week.

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Steelmakers struggle to meet surging demand

Demand in the manufacturing sector continues to improve, which is good news, especially for Flatbed carriers. Read More

Flatbed market loses steam

Some of the steam appears to be going out of the booming home building market… Read More

Reefer regulations loosen, possibly adding more capacity

More capacity in the refrigerated sector is one possible outcome of the recent interim final rule published by the FMCSA… Read More

Dry van pandemic-related freight myths debunked

A recent analysis dispelled one of the pandemic-related freight myths that food manufacturing should be higher because… Read More

Container imports spike to record levels in November

The latest monthly release of PIERS import data highlights the extraordinary import growth the freight market has… Read More

Dry van markets tighten after Thanksgiving

The latest release of the American Trucking Associations’ For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index reported a decrease of 6. Read More

Reefer demand dips with lower produce volumes

Reefer volumes are down year-over-year driven largely by the decrease in produce volumes… Read More

Flatbed markets cool near end of year

Some recent news on the manufacturing front indicated new orders and production both fell in November… Read More

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for shippers?

It’s no secret that truckload rates have been hot, and prices are still exceptionally high. Read More

Warehouses at peak capacity struggle with demand

At this stage in the holiday shipping season… Read More

Christmas trees are on the move

Truckload capacity is already tight, but with such a short 35-day shipping season… Read More

Spot Premium Ratio hits 2-year high. What does that mean for contract rates?

As we move into the fall, the truckload market is still seeing record-high spot rates. Read More

The fastest tools for freight rates just got faster

Our new 3-day average rate is the Goldilocks of rate benchmarks: the perfect blend of time and density. Read More

Freight volumes are down this year, but it varies by industry

Last week we reported on several reliable and unbiased industry volume indices (ATA Truckload Tonnage… Read More

The fast-moving CPG rollercoaster continues

This week… Read More

4 strategies for transportation procurement

Transportation is a significant expense, and for many companies, it can mean the difference between profit and loss. Read More

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