Combat fuel fraud with the DAT One Fuel Card

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At a time when trucking businesses nationwide are cutting costs in order to weather the current economic climate, a recent article in Transport Topics highlighted an emerging threat that could thwart those efforts: fuel fraud. 

The primary form of fuel fraud is card skimming, where devices that illegally capture credit or debit card information are installed on fuel pumps, and this stolen information is used to purchase or resell fuel quickly.

One expert reported that card-skimming activity is up 77% so far in 2023, with a staggering 120,000 individual incidents reported in the first half of the year. Calling the issue a “silent epidemic,” the Transport Topics article rightly indicated that card skimming and other criminal variations of fuel fraud could potentially elevate the cost of running a trucking business at a time when such threats are especially dangerous to bottom lines. 

The new DAT One Fuel Card protects you from fuel fraud risk, aiding carriers by reducing operating costs and maximizing margins. Given that fuel is typically among your most significant expenses, the DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions, helps trucking businesses realize optimal savings on every trip. In fact, it’s estimated that carriers can save as much as $6,000 annually per truck with the DAT One Fuel Card.

With diesel fuel counting as one of the most significant expenses owner-operators face in operating their businesses, savings of this magnitude are a welcome relief.

An app-based payment and reloading system eliminates the risk of card skimming. This ensures that you’re paying only for required fuel and not incurring fraud-related costs. Plus, the card’s usage management and customizable spend controls allow carriers to carefully manage fuel expenses.

With the DAT One Fuel Card, carriers can:

  • achieve an average savings of $0.44* per gallon off the posted cash price and avoid costly transaction fees
  • Enjoy $0 transaction fees at nearly 3,000 locations nationwide
  • optimize discounts on every route with free access to OTR Solutions Fuel Finder 
  • stay supported with a dedicated, in-house team

*Average savings is calculated using quarter-to-date in-network transactions by OTR fuel program users 

The DAT One Fuel Card ensures that all of our customers can remain financially resilient despite the inevitable economic fluctuations that arise in the industry, including, but not limited to, fuel fraud. 

Sign up for the DAT One Fuel Card today and combat fuel fraud with friendly support and expert savings.

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