DAT TruckersEdge Pro from the pros: How to increase growth and profitability

Chamaine Jeffers has more than two decades of truck driving and dispatching experience. As the CEO of the multi-service trucking agency, CDL 4 Life, Jeffers has the unique perspective of growing a trucking business both behind a wheel and a desk.

In this guest post, she shares how she relies on DAT TruckersEdge Pro to increase growth and profitability.

Follow advice from the pros and start finding loads with DAT TruckersEdge, the most trusted load board in the industry.

The importance of the 15-day average tool

I can go on DAT TruckersEdge Pro and see what the average rates have been in the last 15 days. It’s easier to negotiate rates with brokers, because now I know what that lane is paying in the last 15 days.

Posting your truck to the DAT load board

There are so many different ways that you can find loads. My favorite way is to post my trucks to the DAT Load Board. That way, I have brokers calling me.

That gives me power to negotiate as well, because I know that if the broker is calling us, they really need to get that load moved. Therefore, we can arrange a good rate for the driver.

Credit checks and national load counts

There is so much freight on national load boards. In TruckersEdge Pro, the credit checks are already done for you. I can also see how many loads are in a specific area and find out if that area is a good place to get my driver to.

So negotiating those rates is very easy when you know how many loads are available in a state.

Why choose DAT TruckersEdge Pro?

It is the best app that you can use to find loads for your truck. I use it, and I tell everyone else to use it. It has more options than anybody else.

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