ELD Outlook is Still Cloudy

Got questions about how to stay compliant with the upcoming ELD mandate? You’re not the only one. At the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conference last month, FMCSA’s top management fielded questions about electronic logging devices from a packed audience.

The e-log mandate is set to go into effect in December 2017, but there’s still a lot of gray area. Bill Quade, FMCSA associate administrator for enforcement and program delivery, stressed that the rule would not be delayed, but the Q&A posted by Fleet Owner reveals a lot of gray area. For one, the FMCSA hasn’t certified many devices yet, and ELD vendors are still waiting to find out how they can self-certify that their devices meet the FMCSA requirements.

From Fleet Owner:

Quade likened the self-certification process to that used by the auto industry, where manufacturers do their own testing and the government issues recalls if problems are discovered later, and so FMCSA will not be conducting regular audits of vendors.

The FMCSA also still hasn’t gotten its Web Services system up and running, which would allow vendors to self-certify. If a truck’s ELD is found to be non-compliant during a roadside inspection, the carrier will get a one-time notice. If it happens a second time, the truck will be placed out of service, and the carrier will have just eight days to install compliant ELDs.

Have you started shopping for ELDs for your fleet? If so, how did you research whether or not it’ll be compliant? Let us know in the comments.


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