Freightvine Podcast: 2023 year in review

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The DAT Freight and Analytics Freightvine Podcast provides the latest insights on the state of freight transportation and logistics. Hosted by DAT Chief Scientist Dr. Chris Caplice, it’s an authoritative source of guidance for shippers, carriers, and brokers to optimize transportation costs, streamline supply chain processes, and navigate market volatility. 

With a new year on the horizon, we took a look back at some of the most informative and intriguing conversations from Freightvine in 2023. 

  1. Technology Evolution in Transportation with Christopher Mims, Feb. 9
    Chris Caplice and Christopher Mims, author of Arriving Today, sat down to discuss where freight tech has been, where we are now, and where it’s going, with special attention paid to the benefits of freight analytics to the industry.  
  2. Crowdsourcing for Last Mile Delivery with Dr. Terry Esper, March 9
    OSU professor and logistics expert Terry Esper joined Chris to share his point of view on the challenges shippers face when fine-tuning last-mile delivery programs—as well as his favored solution: crowdsourcing. The discussion touches on the alternative models shaking up shipping and logistics and how data analytics is paving the way.  
  3. Powering the Electric Vehicle Revolution with Rich Mohr, May 18
    Chris was joined by Chargepoint VP Rich Mohr to discuss his experiences running and managing large commercial fleets and how EVs will change the industry. The pair cover the economics of vehicle electrification, the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning, and his prediction for when the “EV tipping point”—when sales of EVs outnumber combustion engine sales—will arrive.  
  4. Data Data Everywhere with Matt Harding, June 29
    In his conversation with Chris Caplice, Matt Harding—the head of 4PL analytics at UberFreight—traced the evolution of data science in trucking, discussed the data knowledge gap between C-suite leaders and executives, debated the impact market data has had on the industry, and talk about the challenges and hurdles of implementing data-led change.  
  5. The Magic Conveyer Belt with Prof. Yossi Sheffi, July 13
    MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Director and author of the recent book, The Magic Conveyor Belt: Supply Chains, AI, and the Future of Work, Prof. Yossi Sheffi joined Chris for an in-depth discussion about his work. The conversation covers everything from the influence of the pandemic on supply chains to the impact of technology implementation on labor, and, of course, the challenges and opportunities that AI brings.  
  6. Combating Fraud with Jeff Hopper, July 27
    Chris was joined by DAT’s very own CMO, Jeff Hopper, to discuss all things freight security. Jeff is leading the company’s fraud-fighting initiatives and helping to secure the industry’s future. In the conversation, Jeff talks about the nuances of identifying fraud, why incident reports are becoming more common, and what we all can do to ensure these issues are a thing of the past.  
  7. Using the Spot Market Strategically with Steve Raetz, Oct. 5
    Steve Raetz, Dir. Research and Market Intelligence at CH Robinson, joined Chris in October to discuss strategies that can help shippers make the most of the spot market. He brings to the table decades of experience in the industry and unique insights due to his role leading CHR’s research into “spot as a strategy” models.  
  8. The EV Revolution with Jim Filter, Nov. 2
    Schneider’s Jim Filter came on the show to discuss the company’s ongoing adoption of electric vehicles within their California operations. He and Chris talk through the ongoing industry transition to EVs, the benefits and challenges that come with making the shift, and the local, state, and federal subsidies available to shippers and carriers looking to make the switch from combustion.


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