Get Loads Faster, with Online Document Sharing

There are thousands of loads posted to DAT Load Boards every day, but by the time you find the one you want and fax all the paperwork back and forth, page by illegible page…another carrier may have claimed your load.

You can secure loads faster, and with fewer hassles, when you exchange data electronically with load providers. It’s easy, and it’s free! Update your profile on DAT Onboarding and upload your important documentation online, in a secure site. You can share documents in seconds — just email a link to your load provider, and he or she can retrieve your documents from the DAT secure server. Freight brokers can import your documentation into a transportation management system (TMS) for future reference, or just use it for a one-time haul — without the hassle and delay of faxing and re-faxing sensitive information.

Your DAT Onboarding profile includes your contact information and other important facts about your company. Look for brokers and other load providers advertising their DAT Onboarding sites, which you can visit to sign their contracts and register to haul for them.

Upload these and other documents to share with any load provider:

– MC authority
– Certificate of insurance
– Hazmat or other certifications

In addition to free document storage and profile sharing, DAT Onboarding provides a one-stop address for updates, and instant, mistake-proof transmission of your registration information to DAT Onboarding customers. Imagine how much time you will save by eliminating the fax machine from your sign-up process.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Fill in the online form to create your profile.

Figure 1: Your profile will “green-light” you when you have completed the required information, speeding up the process for you and your customers.

Step 2 – Add information and documents that you will want to share with customers and prospects.

Figure 2: Customize your profile to provide your customers with the information they need to sign you on quickly. Update it once, and it’s updated for everyone.

Step 3 – View and sign contracts online or print them out.

Figure 3: Review and sign contracts online, without a fax machine, or print them out and fax them as usual.

Step 4 – Share your documents by sending your customers a link to them on DAT Onboarding.

Figure 4: Upload and share any extra documentation you want to provide. Sharing is easy – just click the button, and send the link.

To get started now, go to For more information about DAT Onboarding, go here.

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