How to get the most from your transportation budget

Transportation is a major expense, so how can shippers be sure that their dollars are being spent most effectively?

Procurement teams are tasked with finding this balance on a daily basis: Maintain the highest level of service from your carriers at the best possible price.

The concern is common regardless of the industry, but whether you’re in food, heavy machinery, consumer packaged goods, electronics or anything in between, the optimal strategy could be different.

Download Winning Is Knowing: A Strategy Guide for Transportation Procurement

With the Winning Is Knowing procurement guide from DAT iQ, shippers can assess four different strategies, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Does your current bid strategy make the best uses of your resources? Should more resources be put toward internal analytics, or would external benchmarks be a better fit?

Download a copy of the procurement guide to assess what your team needs to get the most from your transportation dollars.

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