45,000 downloads and Rising: My DAT Trucker Services App a Huge Hit – New iPhone Version Now Available

Many of you may know about the DAT truck stop load board monitors located in over 1,000 truck stops nationwide. These monitors provide helpful information for drivers including local weather and road conditions, local services as well as nearby backhaul loads that are posted to truck stops. Brokers have the option to post their freight to these monitors through our 3sixty load board software.

As drivers adopt new technology we realized that the load board monitor needed to evolve as well. In May, we launched My DAT Trucker Services, a free app for Android smart phones. My DAT Trucker offers information on nearby truck stops, fuel prices, scales, truck washes, rest areas and Walmarts – as well as nearby backhaul loads from the DAT truck stop load board monitors.

The results have been stunning: over 45,000 downloads in just under 6 months – and a 4 rating out of 5. A survey of My DAT Trucker users last month revealed that 98% of users would recommend it to a friend.

We recently launched a new free iPhone version of the app, so even more drivers will be able to enjoy the benefits. We’re excited that the free app has proven so useful. Brokers also benefit by reaching an even larger network of carriers when they post their freight to the DAT truck stop load board network. So everyone wins.

Even more helpful features are on the way – but I will save that for a future post. Stay tuned.

Two screen shots from My DAT Trucker Services: the home screen (left) and a truck stop description .