DAT Keypoint Interfaces with QuickBooks to Support Small Brokers


Learn more about DAT Keypoint, a tms software designed specifically for freight brokers and 3PLs.

In response to the needs of small businesses, DAT Keypoint® now works with Intuit’s QuickBooks® small business accounting package. That’s good news for brokers who want transportation management software (TMS), but don’t want to let go of their familiar QuickBooks software.

DAT Keypoint’s two-way integration with QuickBooks enables brokers to create invoices and payments in QuickBooks, based on transactions recorded in DAT Keypoint. The broker sets up customer and vendor profiles in the TMS, defining contact information, shipping details, special instructions and other rules, and the TMS passes the supporting data to QuickBooks.

For example, the broker enters a load in the DAT Keypoint TMS, which can add an individual customer’s receivables in QuickBooks to the value of current jobs that are in the pipeline in DAT Keypoint, and compare that sum to the customer’s credit limit prior to accepting new jobs from that customer. The account management rules can be enforced by combining the pipeline data from DAT Keypoint with the transaction history that was previously shared with QuickBooks.

The new interface between DAT Keypoint and QuickBooks streamlines communication between the broker and a third-party accountant or bookkeeper.

Small or start-up freight brokers often work with external accountants who are familiar with QuickBooks. DAT Keypoint’s new interface enables those brokers to transfer files seamlessly to their accountants in the QuickBooks format.