Florida Refrigerated Freight in Full Swing

Reefer load counts and rates continued to climb last week, boosted by produce markets across the country. Last week was the fifth in a row for rising volumes, and prices continued to surge out of the Southeast.

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Florida led the way again last week, with outbound rates in Lakeland and Miami up 15% and 8% respectively.

  • Lakeland to Atlanta surged 58¢ to $2.96/mile
  • Lakeland to Charlotte climbed 39¢ to $3.18/mile
  • Miami to Atlanta was also up 39¢ to $3.11/mile
  • Lakeland to Chicago jumped up 32¢ to $2.50/mile

It wasn’t just Florida though:

  • Asparagus crops helped boost volumes in Michigan, and the lane from Grand Rapids to Madison, WI, rose 43 cents to $3.15/mile
  • Reefer rates also rose in Nogales, AZ, an entry point for Mexican produce
  • Outbound load counts also climbed in McAllen, TX, another border crossing market


The ripple effect of Florida hitting its peak was some lower prices elsewhere, as buyers adjusted their sourcing:

  • Atlanta to Philadelphia was down 48¢ at an average of $2.60/mile
  • Philly to Miami adjusted down to $1.65/mile, balancing the more expensive loads coming out of Miami
  • Chicago to Atlanta declined 24¢ to $2.50/mile, as rates rose on northbound lanes out of Atlanta

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