National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Hotshot Bennii

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. As an industry leader, we know what it takes for people to get what they need to manage their daily lives. From stocking fridges to getting online deliveries to running business, none of it is possible without the millions of truck drivers on the road everyday.

We want to take the time to acknowledge and thank the drivers that keep our supply chains running. Today, we’re spotlighting Juwan David — better known as Hotshot Bennii — and asking him some questions about being a driver.

Hotshot Bennii (Juwan David)

What are common, but unexpected challenges of being a driver?

“One of the challenges that’s common but unexpected is maintaining a healthy eating habit and staying fit. There is a stigma around having a truck driver’s body. It is true and easy to get if you don’t pay attention.

There are some of the same places to eat at every truck stop, and it’s hard sometimes to eat healthy and not get that large fry from McDonald’s. That is something I am still working on.

I’m also trying to do more exercise on the road when I can. I gained 65 pounds over the course of a year from not eating, eating too much, and eating unhealthy things. It is a challenge, but I am determined to get to a place where I can make those healthy choices.”

What is it about being a truck driver that you wish people knew more about?

“I wish people understood and knew about how much freedom and sights you get to see as a truck driver. You see so many states, monuments, lakes, rivers, and things many wish they were able to see.

You get paid to travel and see the country. States that many feel are boring or they do not feel are exciting have the most beautiful scenery. I love the road. Even if I travel on the same roads, I see something different every time.”

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