New Year's Resolution for Brokers: Ditch the Fax Machine

The trucking industry is heavily reliant on fax machines, especially to exchange information and documents between brokers and carriers. The resulting process is often time-consuming and prone to errors, but a reliable replacement has not been readily available. Meanwhile, other industries have kicked their fax machines to the curb, trading them for electronic paperwork and e-signatures. In return, they’ve gotten instant service and instant results. You probably use some of these online services yourself, to conduct business with banks, insurance companies and media providers such as Netflix and Apple.

Now there is an efficient, secure online communications channel for brokers and carriers, too: DAT Onboarding.

DAT Onboarding provides an online portal for brokers to host contracts, and for carriers to supply their profile and tax information and store important paperwork. No more faxing carrier profiles back and forth to establish new partnerships.

Onboarding will work with your transportation management software (TMS), so you can eliminate inefficient manual and fax-based form submission. The platform replaces the faxed packets with a carrier’s online profile.

Carriers can create their own profiles on the DAT platform to establish their credentials and upload important documents – including their MC authority, certificate of insurance, and other certifications – so they are ready for your review at the click of a button. DAT also provides verification services, such as TIN-matching, allowing you to load carriers with confidence. Onboarding gathers and retains all the information needed for quick contract approval.

DAT Onboarding gives you the speed and accuracy that faxing cannot. Make it a New Year’s resolution to throw out that fax machine, and switch to instant, efficient DAT Onboarding.

Onboarding works well with DAT CarrierWatch, our carrier validation and monitoring solution, so qualifying carriers is a snap. Contact your DAT account manager or call 800-547-5417 today to learn more about DAT Onboarding.