Produce Season Leads to Surges in Reefer Rates

Posted: 08 May, 2018 by Matt Sullivan


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Many produce markets around the country are kicking into high gear, especially in the Southeast. Refrigerated truckload volumes have surged out of Florida, and reefer rates on several outbound lanes soared above $3/mile. Load counts were also building in California, while Texas was holding steady last week. 

Reefer volumes had been building for the past month, but those increases were bigger last week. The spring shipping season is late, but it's here. 

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Huge increases out of Miami and Lakeland, FL:

  • Miami to Boston surged 79¢ to $3.05/mile
  • Lakeland to Baltimore shot up 54¢ to $3.09/mile
  • Miami to Atlanta was another $3-plus lane, soaring 52¢ to $3.05/mile 

Reefer markets were strong in Georgia as well, with Tifton in the southwest corner of the state being maybe the hottest market for produce on Friday.

Rates also rose out of Los Angeles and along the Mexican border in Nogales, AZ.


  • Grand Rapids, MI, to Madison, WI, faltered 62¢ to $2.72/mile
  • Elizabeth, NJ, to Boston dropped 34¢, but still averaged $4.24/mile
  • Green Bay to Des Moines declined 31¢ to $2.44/mile


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    • 5/11/2018 8:58:58 AM

    It's great to see rates going up but unfortunately the stupid ignorance of the trucking companies and a lot of owner operators when they finally have a chance to make alittle extra they get to the other end and haul the load back for nothing but fuel money. In the end they made nothing but an average week. The same freight out of the North East that was $2.00 a mile plus these jackasses are hauling for 1.00-1.20 just to get back to the south.

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