Rapidly manage spot freight risk — and drive your business growth

In the freight industry, every minute — and mile — can make or break you. It’s a fact many outside the cargo and logistics industry simply don’t understand. This industry tests you every day. To remain competitive, you absolutely have to operate efficiently and protect against the what-ifs.

Unfortunately, risks to freight businesses are rapidly on the rise.

The long toll of COVID has left drivers and warehouse workers more stressed and strained than ever before resulting in more mistakes. Organized crime syndicates are taking advantage of the reopening economy and creating a spike in cargo theft. And, of course, we continue to contend with cargo that’s lost or damaged somewhere between Point A and Point B — whether by accident or Act of God.

How protected is your shipper’s freight and business really?

In the face of growing risk, protecting your business-critical customers from exposure has never been more important for all parties involved. Unfortunately, managing that exposure hasn’t always been easy or even possible.

Yes, spot/gap insurance is intended to help protect against risk exposure, but it’s growing increasingly expensive and harder to find as insurance providers flee the marketplace. What’s more, traditional insurance processes make cargo insurance slow to access, costing you lucrative loads on the spot market.

Meanwhile, your shippers may have a false sense of security. Many believe carrier liability policies are designed to protect them from a broader range of threats than they actually do, such as severe storms and inside theft. What’s more, they may not realize they only pay pennies on the dollar or that they’ll wait 120 days on average to receive their settlement checks.

Right now, as businesses are on less than solid financial footing, claims that are denied or are slow to process translate to frustrated shippers. Experiences like these could cost you future business.

So, what do you do?

Tap into cutting-edge tech solutions

Loadsure has delivered the transportation industry’s first AI-powered, end-to-end digital cargo insurance platform with automated claims.

What does that mean, exactly?

By using AI and automation, Loadsure empowers you to purchase cost-effective, all-risk cargo insurance in 40 seconds or less—all right within your DAT load board.

This enables you to:

  • Get instant, per-load pricing
  • Add smart coverage in less than 40 seconds
  • Accelerate claims processing to days, even minutes—not weeks or months
  • Expedite digital claims payments—often in minutes

Carriers can save even more money by reducing their blanket covers and increasing and expanding coverage only when it’s needed for high-value and specialty loads.

Cargo insurance has never been so simple. We encourage you to give it a try. You can access instant per-load coverage in DAT Express or DAT TruckersEdge under the Tools menu, or in your DAT One mobile app. 

Protect your cargo today

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