Rate Trend of the Week: Van Rates Continue to Dip but Flatbed Rates are Up, for Now


Van rates are declined in the past week, as recorded on Truckload Rate Index, with only Memphis recording the only major market increase. Outbound van rates are the highest in Memphis, so it makes sense that this market would go against the downward trend. One hot lane to take note of was Memphis to Mobile which paid $2.48 per mile. Drivers get an added bonus because Mobile is another hot outbound market. Stockton rates fell 7.6% in the past week after being the number one gain last week. I noticed significant rate declines across the country this past week, a few to avoid include Dallas to Houston, Atlanta to Los Angeles, Stockton to Salt Lake City and Chicago to Atlanta.


Flatbed rates continue to gain speed and rose 1.2% in thepast week. I find it interesting that Philadelphia, a colder market, rebounded6.4% compared to the previous week. The drier climate may have created a windowof opportunity for flatbed freight. Los Angeles also recorded some gains andthe top gaining lane for flatbeds was from LA to Atlanta, up 31% to $1.84/mile.Rates from Atlanta dipped 2.4% but there is still a lot of activity in thismarket. I’m begging to see some signs of slowing business this week and we’llsee how that impacts the flatbed segment. Rates might begin a soft decline inthe coming weeks. Yesterday, warmer climate markets like Miami, Tucson and LosAngles were soft and it may indicate the beginning of a trend.


Reefer rates declined 1.0% this past week but rates from Dallasimproved for the fifth consecutive week. The lane from New Orleans to Dallas, movingseafood, rose 19% (maybe to cheer up all the Cowboy fans since Dallas waseliminated last week). Other increasing lanes include Philadelphia to Atlantaand Boston to Philadelphia (also a popular seafood lane). Atlanta recorded anoverall decline mostly due to declined on northbound lanes. For example:Atlanta to Philly dipped 13% in the past week. Generally, reefer rates from theEastern region of the US declined while rates from Texas and some RockyMountain states improved.

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