Pressure Eases on Van Rates as Summer Approaches

TransCore has seen a slight dip in spot market freightavailability as well as an uptick in truckload capacity. These trends accompanied 3-4 weeks of stable fuelprices. When the trends combine, they yieldgreater stability in spot market rates for vans. Overall, van linehaul rates have moved down0.5% in the latest three-week period, as a national average. Rates may pick upagain as June approaches.

On a regional basis, van rates are trending up 2.2% on theWest Coast. In the Southeast, rates are recovering with a 3.1% increasefollowing late April storms. Meanwhile, ratesare slipping by 3.0% in the Midwest and Northeast, as rates from Canada to theUS are down 4.3%.

Rates for shorter hauls tended to decline more steeplythan others in this period. Trips between 250-500 miles show a decline of 1.1% whiletrips over 500 miles were down by only 0.6%. The longest trips, of over 2,000miles showed no change in broker pay to the truck, according to rate datacollected by TransCore.

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