Rate Trend of the Week: Van and Flatbed Rates Start the Month Strong

The first week of December recorded an uptick in rates for dry vans and flatbeds but reefer rates dipped slightly.

Vans rates rose 0.5% over the past week as recorded on Truckload Rate Index. Rates from Memphis jumped 3.3% and recorded the second consecutive week over week rate increase. The lane from Seattle to Los Angeles jumped 15.5% as Christmas trees from the Northwest continue to make their way south for the holiday season.

It’s a tough market for vans making their way out of Denver. Rates from this market dropped 6.0% and recorded one of the largest dips seen this year. The decline was a result of an unusually high volume of freight and trucks arriving in Denver but not enough outbound freight to load all the trucks trying to get home.

Reefer rates were down 1.2% week over week, but look for a seasonal bump in the next two weeks, as we approach Christmas. Flatbed rates gained 0.5% compared to the past week. This was the second consecutive week of increasing rates for flatbeds. Chicago and Dallas recorded the largest increase in rates compared to the previous week, while outbound rates from Atlanta slipped 2.2%.

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