Save $565/year using DAT’s Free Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be great if an oil company mailed you a check for $565 each year?

That’s not likely. However, DAT offers a free mobile app that could save you that much and more, just by finding the cheapest nearby fuel. The Fuel Prices function on the MyDAT® Trucker mobile app uses GPS to locate the nearest truck stops and lists current prices, distance to the truck stop and a list of amenities offered.

That could save you some serious cash. The most recent Highway Statistics from the Federal Highway Administration show that combination trucks (tractor-trailers) consume an average of 11,310 gallons per year. If you could save 5 cents on every gallon by using DAT’s mobile app, that would put $565 back in your pocket each year. Here are some other advantages:Fuel prices are updated every 6 hours.

Information can be stored locally on your phone, so you can access the most recent updates even if you’re out of cell phone range.

Results can be sorted by lowest price, shortest distance, or the name of the fueling station. You can also specify which direction you’re traveling and the interstate highway you’re on.

The app is free!

Fuel card saves you even more

To save even more money, consider getting the DAT Fuel Card. The card saves you .5 to 1.5 cents per gallon off the cash price at more than 1,200 locations. There are no set up fees or monthly service charges when using the card. You also get reports that help you analyze and monitor your fuel spending.

Other useful tools

In addition to saving you money on fuel, the MyDAT Trucker mobile app helps you find:

Truck stops

Rest areas

Nearby loads


Hotels for truckers

Truck service stations


Truck washes

Pacific Pride stations

More than 110,000 drivers have installed the app and it is one of the top-rated apps for truckers. It’s available for Android-based smart phones and tablets and Apple iPhones and iPads. Simply go to our website to download the app.