Spot Market Rate Trend of the Week: I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia

This week’s flatbed rates remind me of the epitaph that W.C. Fields reportedly wanted carved on his tombstone: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” That was the late actor’s response to vaudeville comedians who mocked the City of Brotherly Love, saying they would rather be dead than perform there.

Flatbed and van carriers this week would likewise prefer to be almost anywhere else. Outbound rates from Philadelphia for both van and flatbed are in decline. Conversely, rates into Philadelphia are increasing. Rates for both flatbeds and vans are trending up in Atlanta, while flatbed rates are rising in a number of outbound lanes that originate in the Los Angeles area.

A few sample flatbed rates follow, with line haul only. This week’s average fuel surcharge for flatbeds is $0.37 per mile, so an “all-in” rate could include some or all of that additional amount on top of the rates noted below:

Highest flatbed rates:

  • Philadelphia to Boston: $2.70 (up by $0.08 since last week)
  • Columbus to Philadelphia: $2.14 (down by $0.03)
  • Chicago to Orlando: $2.13 (up by $0.11)

Lowest flatbed rates:

  • Philadelphia to Chicago: $0.91 (down by $0.34)
  • Denver to Los Angeles: $0.92 (up by $0.01)
  • Orlando to Atlanta: $0.92 (down by $0.12)

Biggest increases:

  • New Orleans to Dallas: up by $0.40 (now $1.84)
  • Dallas to Denver: up by $0.34 (to $1.89)
  • Minneapolis to Chicago: up by $0.22 (to $1.36)

Biggest declines:

  • Philadelphia to Chicago: down by $0.34 (now $0.91)
  • Los Angeles to Atlanta: down by $0.33 (to $1.15)
  • Dallas to Memphis: down by $0.33 (to $1.32)

For each week’s Rate Trend, we analyze changes in freight movement and rates on the spot market in the top 48 lanes across the U.S. These routes serve major markets, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. We also look at secondary markets such as Columbus, Denver and Memphis.

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