The TMS that scales with you

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What’s step one to kick off your business’ next growth stage? It all starts with the right TMS. 

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But let’s level the playing field – what is a TMS? 

A transportation management system (TMS) is a software platform that allows logistics professionals to streamline the shipping process. It handles billing, scheduling, documentation and compliance, and with customizability, almost everything else, too. 

Why do you need a TMS? 

Plenty of brokerages begin their business on spreadsheets, but as you grow, those spreadsheets become time-consuming and limit your growth potential. It isn’t sustainable, and it certainly isn’t simple. 

A broker-specific TMS lets you do more without huge back-office investments and is infinitely more capable than a spreadsheet. 

When you’re shopping for a TMS, you’ll need a system that’s built to scale with you, one that allows you to add features as your growth and needs change and evolve. 

Compete with the big brokerages – immediately 

The big brokerages use advanced TMSs to manage their operations. If you’re still using spreadsheets, you’ll have a hard time competing with them. They’ll have proprietary analytics and competitive intelligence right at their fingertips, plus the speed and efficiency that comes with purpose-built software. 

When you move from spreadsheets to a broker-focused TMS, you’ll reap the benefits of those efficiencies just like the big brokerages. Stepping up to a TMS is like hitting a reset button – you’re suddenly on an even playing field again. 

DAT Broker TMS advantages

Scalability is where DAT Broker TMS shines. It’s a TMS built specifically for brokers. We know most TMSs are essentially shipper-focused products. You can tell by their feature sets. We built DAT Broker TMS for brokers, not for shippers then put a coat of paint on it.

Modules can be added to DAT so that it grows as you do, step by step. You won’t pay for features you don’t need, only the ones that will help you. 

DAT Broker TMS is a brokerage-in-a-box with everything you need to compete inside. From dock to dock, the entire freight cycle starts and ends inside DAT Broker TMS. That means booking loads, finding carriers, and eventually getting paid, all within the same software. Other load boards are closed systems without robust integrations and have limited load postings.  

It’s also the only load board that gives you the tools to leverage your preferred carrier networks and post, book, and track loads from end to end. 

Once you’re ready to level up, DAT Broker TMS will be, too. You’ll have instant access to the nation’s largest load board – you’ll see all the same opportunities as the big brokerages. 

When it’s time to handle the money, you don’t even need to leave DAT Broker TMS. A suite of integrations allows you to pull Quickbooks or other accounting software straight into your TMS. It’s seamless, fast, and easy. When you’re ready, you can even do all of your documentation in the DAT Broker TMS – throw the filing cabinets away. 

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