Transportation Tuesday Tip #4: Use short-term, emergency warehousing and cross-docking

In our Transportation Tuesday series, we’re partnering with industry leaders to share tips on how you can improve your business success and growth. This week’s tip is brought to you by OLIMP. 

Tip #4: Use short-term, emergency warehousing and cross-docking

Did you know that up to 12% of all deliveries are late and trucks get rejected at distribution centers? With an unpredictable market during the holiday season, rejected trucks often have to reschedule their next  unloading 5-7 days later. In some cases, the wait can be up to two weeks. 

Whether the delay is caused by winter weather, rejected freight, supply chain disruptions or other unexpected delays, one thing is certain: carriers or freight brokers have to find a secure location to store the freight until a new unloading appointment is available. 

This is why short-term emergency warehousing and cross-docking needs to be included in your budgeting. By including emergency warehousing into your plans and budget, you can better manage unexpected logistics costs caused by rejected freight or delivery disruptions. 

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