Transportation Tuesday Tip #5: Protect customers from holiday cargo theft

In our Transportation Tuesday series, we’re partnering with industry leaders to share tips on how you can improve your business success and growth. This week’s tip is brought to you by Loadsure. 

Tip #5: Did you know that $45 million in cargo has been stolen this year? 

Right now, gangs and crime syndicates are plotting to seize your customers’ valuable freight. Do you or your customers have a plan in place if they are unlucky enough to be a victim?

Criminals have already stolen $45 million in cargo between January and September this year. That’s a jaw-dropping sum when you consider $49 million was stolen during the entire course of 2019.

Here’s a checklist of what you can do to protect your customers’ balance sheets — and retain future business — when you’re responsible for their shipments’ journeys:

1. Help customers understand who they’re up against

Cargo theft is largely perpetrated by crime syndicates and gangs — groups with a working knowledge of how our freight industry operates. They’re brazen, tech-savvy and highly sophisticated. They can convincingly scam dock workers and jam asset tracking signals.

2. Make sure customers understand recovery is rare 

Law enforcement don’t have the resources necessary to investigate cargo crimes. So, if a load goes missing and it’s not immediately recovered, the chances of finding it are practically nil.

3. Raise the flag on electronics and food and beverage shipments

These commodities are expected to be highly targeted during the holiday season.

4. Educate customers to be on guard for fictitious pickups 

Whether criminals are securing information via cyber-hack, posting false loads to steal carrier identities, or some other approach, the result is the same: they’re arriving onsite and posing as legitimate carriers with all the right information. Be sure customers are strictly adhering to their pick-up protocols — from using secure pickup numbers and confirming driver identities to putting eyes on trucks and ensuring the numbers and visual descriptions match up.

5. Ensure you and your customers are keeping data secure 

Cybercrime is increasingly contributing to cargo theft. Be sure both you and your customers’ in-house IT or managed services providers are locking down data and training employees on good data hygiene.

6. Implement risk management to ensure financial recovery 

Leveraging shippers interest cargo insurance — otherwise known as “all-risk” insurance — your customers can ensure that if something goes wrong, it’s not their balance sheet that takes the hit. And, with AI-powered cargo insurance, you can deliver instant quotes, accelerate claims, and open up a new revenue stream — protecting your customers and growing your business.

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