Van rates close Q2 with a bang

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As expected, June went into the books with the highest spot market rates on record. The national averages for all three major equipment types were the highest ever recorded in DAT Trendlines, and the spot market averages for flatbed and reefer rates were higher than the average shipper contract rates for each segment. The average spot van rate was equal to the average contract van rate.

The close of Q2 kept pressure on prices at the end of the month, as did the urgency to get shipments in place ahead of the 4th of July holiday. That pushed rates higher on 82 of the top 100 van lanes, with big increases out of almost every major van market.

DAT load boards provide the largest and most trusted digital freight marketplace in the trucking industry, with more than 270 million loads and trucks posted annually, plus insights into current spot market and contract rates based on $57 billion in real transactions.

Memphis had a huge load-to-truck ratio and peak volumes on Friday, trailing only Atlanta in load counts at the end of the week.

All rates below include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between brokers and carriers.


The top 3 increases were on Memphis lanes:

  • Memphis to Chicago jumped up 38¢ to $3.47/mile
  • Memphis to Indianapolis climbed 37¢ to an average of $3.34/mile
  • Memphis to Columbus also rose 37¢ to $3.49/mile (the opposite direction slipped 12¢, so still a net gain on the roundtrip)

The load-to-truck ratio represents the number of loads posted for every truck posted on DAT load boards. Changes in the ratio typically signal impending changes in freight rates.

Farther north, Columbus to Allentown, PA, was up 28¢ to $3.83/mile.

Atlanta to Lakeland, FL, also added 27¢ at $3.60/mile.

Out West, Stockton made big gains, and the lane to Portland, OR, was up 26¢ at $3.92/mile.


Not many declines. Pricing was stable out of Houston and Seattle, which counts as “cold” compared to the rest of the market.

One lane had a big decline: Chicago to Buffalo slipped from its previous highs, down 32¢ to $2.93/mile.

Find loads, trucks and lane-by-lane rate information in DAT load boards, including rates from DAT RateView.

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