Vans Rates Decline, in New Spot Market Trend

Van rates declined on the U.S. spot market in the most recent two-week period. In 60 high-volume van lanes, 44 major declined and only 16 saw rate increases, for an average drop of 1.1% overall. Markets running counter to this trend included Memphis, a consistent rate leader, and Stockton, which rebounded recently from a weather-related downturn that persisted through most of March. Van linehaul rates were up $0.06 per mile from Stockton to Denver and to Portland.

Flatbed rates have also leveled off in April to-date, with the latest week registering just a 0.3% increase. Los Angeles outbound rates led the modest rise with increases in rates from L.A. to Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, and Seattle.

Reefer lanes also showed moderation with a 0.2% decline over the past week. However, some reefer markets in the south are showing signs of higher activity and no market recorded a significant decline. The biggest increase in a single reefer lane added $0.33 per mile to the rate from Orlando to Atlanta on sharply higher volumes.

For detailed information on current spot market lane rates check out Truckload Rate Index. For weekly market trends, sign up for TransCore Trendlines.

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