What’s new with DAT One and DAT iQ?

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You’re only as powerful as your tools allow. That’s why we’re constantly reworking and improving industry-standard tools in DAT One and DAT iQ to help our customers thrive. January’s Launch & Learn covered new product changes and showed brokers how they can thrive in 2024. Below is a recap of the new updates we’ve made: 

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Load posting & search improvements in DAT One

  • Brokers now have the option to list various contact details, making it simpler for carriers to get in touch.
  • Search results count is now more visually accessible and displayed prominently.
  • The “My Shipments” page reveals expanded equipment details and offers new sorting functionalities.

Tracking and visibility features in DAT One

Brokers have access to the following tracking functionality in DAT One:

  • Add live tracking to any load posting for heightened visibility
  • Send standalone tracking requests as needed
  • Specify if tracking is a requirement when posting loads
  • Estimate time of arrival with data from here.com
  • Monitor shipments via a Live Map View
  • Leverage real-time notifications and Geofencing for updates at critical moments
  • Share tracking links outside the DAT community for comprehensive communication

Company Profile Beta in DAT One

In the latest Launch and Learn, brokers saw an exclusive sneak peek into the beta version of the Company Profile page on DAT One, where brokers can navigate DAT’s expansive carrier database and form new strategic partnerships.

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Market Conditions in DAT iQ

DAT iQ Market Conditions empowers brokers with insights that shape negotiations, predict rates, anticipate capacity challenges, and provide forecasts that help them stay steps ahead in the market across North America, with features like advanced 8-day forecasts.

DAT iQ RateView beta 

The newly minted RateView Analytics UI in DAT iQ boasts a modernized interface complete with market rate cards and insightful forecasting tools designed to inform future rate decisions. Current RateView subscribers can try out these new features today and share your feedback. Simply log on to your RateView account, and follow the in-app instructions to get started. 

Fraud update

Finally, Enterprise Account Manager Ray Kooyenga’s insightful talk reiterated DAT’s commitment to combating fraud. He outlined verification protocols like multi-factor authentication and provided valuable tips for recognizing and warding off phishing attempts — essential knowledge for maintaining security in today’s digital landscape.

Staying in-the-know with the industry updates and best practices is paramount. Connect with DAT experts and stay informed on evolving features, cybersecurity measures, and market analytics that keep your operations running and thriving.


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