Factoring has never been easier

When it comes to getting paid for your work, factoring and invoice processing are exceptionally valuable. But the process for administering these processes can sometimes seem highly complex. To support our valued carriers in simplifying these processes, DAT Freight & Analytics and OTR Solutions are excited to announce the launch of a new factoring and invoice processing tool that seamlessly connects carrier operations to make booking loads, creating invoices, and tracking funding statuses easier than ever. 

The new process is focused on streamlining the factoring process, making processing invoices easier while on the road, making you more effective at booking better higher paying freight, and ultimately more profitable.

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So, what does the new process look like?

The new features will allow carriers to find a load, save it to their account, and push the details into the OTR Solutions client portal and mobile app at the time of booking. After the load is delivered and ready to invoice, the carrier simply finds the already created invoice in their OTR Solutions account and attaches copies of the rate confirmation and bill of lading. 

Once uploaded, the processing and approval status of the invoice will be visible within your DAT account, making it even easier to ensure same day approval and funding of the invoice.  

To activate the integration, you simply need to authenticate the connection with the OTR Solutions account the first time you book a load. Once connected, all saved loads in your DAT account are pushed to OTR Solutions and will be automatically connected for status and funding updates. Some users may have to login multiple times. Currently only available in DAT One.

Learn more about factoring here.

Ready to start factoring? Get started today.

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