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If you’re ready to shift your business into another gear, there’s a solution for that — and you’re already in the driver’s seat. When you look beyond DAT One’s load board and basic features, you’ll find the most valuable link to finding the best loads, protecting profits, and navigating markets with confidence. 

We weren’t kidding when we said it’s the only trucking app you’ll ever need.

But you’re a businessperson, and you’ve heard lofty claims before. So to prove the point about DAT One, here are three specific ways in which the solution can be leveraged to streamline your operation and protect your bottom line:

Find the best loads

DAT One puts carriers where they belong: in the driver’s seat — where they find and haul the best loads while making empowered decisions that support their business.

  • Get unlimited load searches with full access to the DAT One network, including 130 million loads you can’t get elsewhere. 
  • Advanced search filtering gives you higher-quality loads that suit your needs and goals. 
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships with trusted brokers who have been vetted and verified on the DAT One directory.

Protect your profits

The very least a business app can do is help you make money. But you haven’t subscribed to “the very least”; you’re on DAT One, the app that supports your financial well-being with tools and processes that help protect and keep the profit you make.

  • DAT’s QuickRate research tool helps you negotiate higher rates by knowing exactly how much carriers are getting paid on every lane and seeing where your truck is in demand. 
  • Get paid in less than 24 hours with factoring. 
  • Maximize your DAT One subscription by posting your truck with your required rate so brokers and shippers can hire you. Being in control makes your job easier.

You’re in this business to make money. Bells and whistles are nice but DAT understands your bottom line is the bottom line. That’s why, to help you protect your business and the profit it generates, DAT One shows you what carriers are being paid on virtually every imaginable lane in North America. It’s also why, to help you evade low-paying lanes, DAT One’s TriHaul engine automatically suggests more profitable routes. These things add up.

Navigate markets like a pro

With trucking markets in an almost constant state of flux, DAT One provides the tools and information truckers trust to navigate those changing markets with confidence.

  • Stay informed about market ebbs and flows with accurate data from Trendline. 
  • Plan your route to optimize fuel efficiency and other factors with DAT One maps.

DAT One offers a clear window into your business’s financial health and gives you robust tools to help you estimate profits, eliminate deadhead miles, and negotiate higher rates. How? By replacing hope with intelligence. When you stay informed with DAT One’s built-in Trendlines data, use the embedded maps to save money on fuel, and plan your routes with maximum fuel, cost, and load efficiency, you begin to see how working smarter can have a significantly positive impact. 

You’re the driver. You decide where to go. Whichever path you choose, get more with DAT One.To learn more and see specific examples of DAT One in action, visit

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