Introducing DAT’s Newest Partner: OTR Capital

DAT is welcoming OTR Capital as a new factoring partner. OTR Capital is a transportation-focused factoring company offering same-day payment on recourse and non-recourse programs accompanied by complete back-office support. Their invoice factoring system supplies carriers and brokers with a seamless billing and collecting experience. Thus, less time spent dealing with payment processes and more time spent making money. 

OTR Capital provides a true non-recourse factoring program. The unique service, features, and benefits provide an exceptional experience. 

  • No chargebacks on cleanly delivered loads from approved brokers, not even after 90 days
  • No monthly minimums, volume limits or credit restrictions
  • Offers the most trustworthy flat factoring rates in the industry with no hidden fees and straight forward factoring programs
  • Simple invoicing options online in our client portal and on your phone with the OTR Capital mobile app
  • Get paid fast with same day invoice processing and instant funding through OTR BOLT, wire transfer, or ACH
  • Dedicated account manager to handle all of your cash flow and back office needs
  • Customized factoring programs to fit your business

OTR Capital’s array of payment options creates an avenue to satisfy each customer’s needs. Watch the video below for a more in depth look at the factoring payment options, including: OTR BOLT, wire transfer, and ACH. 

OTR Capital’s YouTube page and website contain further information regarding all services.

To view factorable loads through OTR Capital check out DAT’s load boards today! 

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