National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Larry Cothran

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! As an industry leader, we know what it takes for  people to get what they need to manage their daily lives. From stocking fridges to getting online deliveries to keeping businesses running, none of it is possible without the millions of truck drivers on the road everyday.

We want to take the time to acknowledge and thank the millions of truck drivers who keep our supply chains running. Today, we’re spotlighting Larry Cothran — better known as L Boogie — and asked him to share his experiences as a trucker.

What is your number one advice for new truck drivers?

“Make sure you have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you are going to end up getting a truck and going in the wilderness, going in circles. And you are not going to know where you are going. You’ll just be picking up loads and delivering loads. You won’t be able to grow if you don’t have a plan.”

How do you stay healthy while on the road?

“I need to get proper rest. With me getting proper rest, guess what, that’s going to make me feel energized and make me want to go drive for the day. Also, I need to exercise. Whenever I’m at my 30-minute break or whenever I’ve stopped driving, I get out and walk around the facility. I may walk around the rest area, do some push-ups, and do some jumping jacks. That is very important to stay healthy while you’re on the road.”

What advice can you give to start strong as a driver?

“You need to find a mentor, someone who is going to help you along the way and guide your journey so that you aren’t making costly mistakes.”

Watch as L Boogie discusses a tough ‘character building day.’

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