New Freight Broker Resource Guides Available from TIA

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) has released three new resource guides this year and has updated several of its sample contracts. These guides are one of the benefits of TIA membership, as they cover a variety of legal and regulatory topics and are written specifically for freight brokers. Information contained in the guides is often not available from any other source.

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New guides published in 2017 include:

  • FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Resource & Guide – An overview of the new requirements for the transportation of human and animal food in the U.S. Brokers with fewer than 500 employees must comply by April 6, 2018. Brokerages with 500 or more employees were required to comply by April 6 of this year. The guide includes key points to consider when negotiating food transportation contracts with shippers and carriers.
  • Model Contracts and Forms – Sample contracts have been updated to include the new FDA food transportation regulations mentioned above. Included are the “Broker Carrier Agreement” and “Broker Carrier Agreement Addendums for Seals and Temperature Loads.”
  • Carrier Selection Framework – This 80-page guide provides best practices to help freight brokers reduce risk of cargo loss, liability and/or potential fraud when selecting motor carriers.
  • TIA Factoring Guidelines – Provides a broad overview of factoring for freight brokers, which includes guidelines when working with factoring companies.

Other guides published by TIA include:

  • Framework to Combat Fraud
  • Cargo Claims Framework
  • Government Freight Framework
  • Intermodal Resource
  • 2016 Labor Law Compliance Framework
  • Canadian Freight Framework
  • TIA/TMSA 2016 Sales & Marketing Metrics Study
  • IRS 1099 Guidance

Any of the guides can be downloaded from the members only section of TIA’s website.

Not a TIA member? TIA is made up of more than 1,600 member companies. To apply for membership, or to see dues for a company of your size, see the TIA Membership Application.