Midwest Heats Up

As August wanes, seasonal trends are perking up the Midwest states. Van traffic is at high levels in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The volume leader on Wednesday, August 28, was Grand Rapids, MI with 2,196 loads posted and a load-to-truck ratio of 9.6. The next highest in the area is Green Bay, WI with 1,776 loads posted and a sky high load-to-truck ratio of 22.2. Toledo, OH placed third with 1,569 loads posted and a ratio of 9.7.

The region is highlighted below in this detail from today’s Hot Market Map for vans, found in DAT Power Load Boards and DAT RateView.

Red and orange blanket the Midwest, which means L/T ratios from 2.3-5.6 (orange) and 5.7 or higher (red). Click on the image for a closer look.