Reefer rates hit lull between holidays

Reefer activity picked up after Thanksgiving, but not nearly as much as dry van freight. Right now, retail and e-commerce are driving trends in the transportation industry, which has lifted van rates, but prices fell on a lot of the major reefer lanes.

Demand for reefers could heat up again as we get closer to Christmas. Meanwhile, meat and potato-growing regions in the Midwest saw big upticks in volumes last week, and fresh fruit and vegetables boosted load counts out of California.

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Rising Lanes
The biggest increases were scattered across the country.

All rates below include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between brokers and carriers.

  • L.A. to Denver was up 29¢ at $3.52/mile
  • Elizabeth, NJ, to Boston rose 28¢ to $4.43
  • McAllen, TX, to Atlanta rose 25¢ to $2.36
  • Twin Falls, ID, to Baltimore gained 24¢ at $3.26

Falling Lanes

Florida rates backed off after some off-season increases earlier in the month. Miami to Elizabeth, NJ, dropped 28¢ to $1.86/mile

Pricing a couple long-haul California lanes stalled:

  • Ontario to Chicago, down 26¢ at $2.13
  • Fresno to Baltimore fell 29¢ at $2.41/mile

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