Consumer Goods Boost Van Rates in Northeast

Since the 4th of July landed on a Tuesday this year, a lot of people also took Monday off. That led to a quieter week on DAT load boards in terms of load and truck posts.

But even though van volumes were down, rates went up in Northeast, spurred by retail trade and consumer goods moving into place for Amazon’s Prime Day sales.

The biggest rate increases last week were in Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Allentown, PA. That’s a strong sign for consumer goods, since those markets contain warehousing and distribution centers that serve the highest concentration of people in the country.

The rates below include fuel surcharges and are averages based on real transactions between brokers and carriers.


Lanes shipping into the Northeast were also up:

  • Rates on the lane from Charlotte to Buffalo rose 21¢ to $2.92/mile
  • Columbus to Allentown also added 21¢ for an average of $2.94/mile
  • Chicago to Buffalo gained 18¢ to $2.84/mile
  • The biggest jump was Allentown to Richmond, VA, up 24¢ to $2.42/mile


An exception to the trend above was Atlanta to Philadelphia, down 17¢ to $2.76/mile

Low oil prices may have decelerated things in Texas:

  • Dallas to Denver fell 16¢ to $2.27/mile
  • Houston to Chicago dropped 17¢ to $1.60/mile

Outbound rates were down in Stockton, CA, and the lane to Seattle lost ▼18¢ at $2.67

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