Flatbed Rates Hold Steady at 2-Year Highs

Flatbed volumes didn’t slip as expected in the first half of July. Instead, there were almost 50% more loads last week than the week before, and rates are holding up at the highest levels in two years.

WHAT'S HOT – Rates were on the rise last week in two Atlantic seaport markets: Baltimore and Jacksonville. Two Southeastern freight hubs, Atlanta and Memphis, also got a big boost. Atlanta’s outbound rates hit an average of $2.70 per mile, very close to Houston’s $2.71-per mile high-water mark. (Houston is the leader for flatbed volume and rates.)

WHAT'S NOT – The biggest decline was out of Ft. Worth, where the outbound average dropped below $2.00 per mile last week. But rates next door in Dallas were up in the $2.25-per mile range, due to a more favorable mix of freight and lanes. Rates are dropping in Roanoke, too, but they were still $2.75 per mile last week, which is pretty good. The rate-per-mile leader in the region was Savannah, at $2.93 per mile despite a downward trend.

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Peggy Dorf

Peggy joined DAT in 2008 as a writer and market analyst. She was instrumental in developing DAT Trendlines, and she writes extensively about the impact of economic trends on companies and individuals in transportation and logistics. Peggy is a Certified Transportation Broker with decades of experience in technology marketing and an MBA from the Wharton School.