TIA offers courses for new freight brokers

It’s hard enough getting new employees up to speed on your company’s processes, procedures, and computer systems. But who has time to teach them the basics of the brokerage industry?

That’s where the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) can help. North America’s leading association for freight brokers and 3PLs offers a variety of training for new brokers.

Learn more about the benefits of joining TIA

  • New Employee Orientation – This new, self-paced online course offers an introduction for new  employees to learn about the brokerage industry. It covers all the basics, including rules and regulations, how to sell, business ethics, and more.

  • New Hire Assessment – As part of TIA’s consulting services, TIA helps brokerages measure a candidate’s potential success even before they are put on payroll. This assessment is intended to complement the brokerage’s recruiting and hiring process and provides an objective tool to increase the odds of a successful hire.

  • Performance Predictor Assessment – Within the first six months on the job, it’s important to understand how a new team member is positioned for success. This assessment compares an employee against ideal profiles of others who have found success in the primary 3PL roles of sales, operations and administration.

TIA also offers course for those considering starting up their own business — either as a brokerage owner or an independent agent working for an established company:

  • New Broker Course – This online course is for entrepreneurs looking to get their freight broker license and start their own brokerage. It provides an introduction to the brokerage industry as well as the activities necessary to find success as a broker or 3PL.

  • Independent Contractor Course – This online course is for people interested in working as an independent contractor or agent for a freight brokerage. 

Courses are open to both TIA members and non-members, although TIA members receive significant discounts. For pricing and more information about each course, see the Business Services section of TIA’s website. Once completed, come back and sign up for the DAT load board for brokers.


DAT offers end-to-end solutions for new and seasoned freight brokers, including broker DOT authority, load boards, freight rates, load tracking, carrier onboarding and monitoring and broker TMS.

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