What’s new in DAT’s fight against fraud

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Protecting your identity and sensitive information is more crucial than ever. At DAT, we understand these challenges and are continually working to enhance security measures for our customers. Here, we will discuss the steps we’ve taken to combat spoofing, introduce multi-factor authentication (MFA), and strengthen password complexity.

Taking on spoofing

Spoofing, or faking one’s identity using compromised credentials, is a prevalent issue in the digital world.

What we are doing

We have disallowed non-profile contact information in the shipment free text fields (comments, commodity, etc.). This Q3 rollout ensures that fraudsters with compromised logins won’t be able to redirect the attention of carriers using free text fields in load postings. Consequently, this protects carriers from getting scammed by double brokering or load phishing.

Customers will now see a warning message if they try to post contact details in the notes. They will also be notified that contact details will not be visible in their posts.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to a system. With identity theft in the transportation industry at an all-time high, implementing MFA can help eliminate some bad players from stealing a legitimate company’s identity.

How MFA helps

  • Increased security: MFA enhances security by adding an additional layer of verification beyond just a password. Even if a password was to be compromised, the thief would need access to your device to access your account.
  • Reduces risk of unauthorized access: Needing access to a device plus your password significantly decreases the risk of unauthorized access to your account and information.
  • Reduces fraud in the industry: As fraud continues to grow in the transportation industry, customers look to us for solutions. MFA is one step DAT is taking to help protect against this increased threat.

Password complexity & stopping bad actors

We’ve strengthened our monitoring and authentication, including resetting customers’ passwords with new requirements. This move aims to stop bad actors before they enter our load board.

We have also added vetting and restrictions on access to our products. This ensures that only legitimate users can gain access, further protecting our customers and the integrity of our platform.

At DAT, we are committed to providing you with a secure platform where you can confidently conduct your business. We will continue to innovate and implement security measures that safeguard your digital identity and data.

DAT’s plan of action against fraud

At DAT, we’re taking proactive steps to protect against cyber threats via: 

  • Implementing stronger password criteria 
  • Round-the-clock third-party security monitoring and testing
  • Enabling two-factor authentication
  • Creating a fraud protection resource library and a live dashboard, where you can check for alerts
  • Enhanced network participant vetting processes
  • Maintaining a 100% response rate to reports


DAT has also announced a new risk-assessment engine – a upcoming feature in the DAT One load board – that uses machine learning and AI to aggregate data and produce the industry’s most comprehensive, real-time measure of a motor carrier’s risk exposure to the broker. The engine factors several types of information into its assessment:


  • Monitors data exclusive to DAT, including search and posting behaviors on DAT One.
  • Continuously checks the completeness and accuracy of carrier profile information.
  • Automatically flags suspicious activity.


By integrating our existing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Verosint’s (our ID verification partner) in-depth identity verification data, we can now provide an unparalleled assessment of risk, ensuring even tighter access to the DAT marketplace.
As of February of 2024, we have implemented the following protocols and strategies:
  • VP-level cybersecurity leadership: In January, we hired Dr. Erika Voss as our Vice President of Information Security. Erika previously was Vice President of Security and engineering at Capital One, the financial services corporation, where she led all facets of security and engineering, application security, access control, authentication, third-party risk management, and customer identity access management. Erika has a Ph.D. in cybersecurity and is Vice President of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association that deals with platform abuse and fraud. Erika’s VP-level leadership is essential to developing technology, policies, and customer resources that make our network a trusted place to do business. 
  • Tougher verification protocols: We have ensured every customer has multi-factor authentication (MFA) properly in place and this has greatly reduced compromised logins. We use AI/ML to study behaviors and assess the risk of individual accounts based on millions of login events. We can detect signs of identity-related fraud, including bots, duplicate accounts, fake accounts, impersonations, and devices that don’t match your past behavior.
  • We vet every new account: Our DAT NIU manually verifies every new broker account on DAT One. You can’t post a load without undergoing a compliance review. A reminder: Only licensed and bonded freight brokers can post loads.
  • We’re committed to customer education: DAT has free information including guides, webinars, and interactive training to help brokers, carriers, and shippers recognize threats and protect themselves (and our network). DAT also partnered with KnowBe4 to offer phishing simulations and other interactive learning programs for DAT customers. Learn more here.
  • We investigate and resolve 100% of the fraud reports we receive. When we identify fraudulent behavior or phishing schemes, our NIU takes action, working with the FMCSA, FBI and other law enforcement agencies to identify freight-related fraud.
  • We share what we learn. We shine a light on bad behavior so everyone can see it. Check out our DAT Fraud Alert Dashboard—these are real fraud issues that have been reported to us.

How everyone can fight bad actors

  • Study DAT’s resources – Knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with the latest news and updates about fraud in logistics with DAT’s library of fraud protection resources. 
  • Report bad actors – Have you encountered fraudulent actors in your network? Don’t let them get by – report them to us so we can ensure other users won’t encounter them and they are removed from DAT’s ecosystem. We maintain a 100% response rate to these reports. Additionally, if you become the victim of a cyber crime, immediately report it to IC3.gov.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions – As always, DAT is here to help. If you’d like to speak to our compliance department, please call 800-547-5417 or email us at compliance@dat.com.

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