Get more flexible factoring options with new load board integration

You may have noticed a small change recently in the load board products from DAT Freight & Analytics. When searching for freight, you’ll now see a blue checkmark next to loads that have been pre-approved by our factoring partner OTR Capital.

This new partnership dramatically expands factoring services available to freight brokers and carriers on the DAT load board network.

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For carriers, OTR provides customizable invoice factoring services – including non-recourse factoring — with no monthly premiums, hidden fees, volume limits, credit restrictions or long-term contracts. Carriers also benefit from OTR Capital’s back-office support services, including 24/7 customer credit approvals and broker background checks.

For freight brokers, businesses that may be too small or too new to qualify for more conventional factoring services can now sell receivables, pay carriers quickly and benefit from reliable cash flow.

How to get started

Not already set up with OTR Capital? No problem. Just contact them here to get the ball rolling, with absolutely no commitment. You can also click on the blue checkmark next to any load you see on DAT that’s already been approved for factoring through OTR.