Reefer activity shifts northward

Reefer demand trailed off in California and Texas last week, and the majority of high-traffic reefer lanes paid lower rates last week. But there were early signs of activity shifting northward.

While the overall trend was lower prices, late summer harvests of fruits like blueberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, and early apple varieties provided some increases in the Upper Midwest.

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Last week reefer demand was strongest in the Midwest and weakest in the southernmost freight markets. Hot Market Maps are available in the DAT Power load board and DAT RateView.


Produce started rolling out of Grand Rapids, MI, leading to a big increase in volume and rates. Pricing also got a lift out of Chicago.

  • Grand Rapids to Cleveland surged 62¢ to $3.71
  • Grand Rapids to Atlanta added 31¢ to $2.59/mi
  • Chicago to Atlanta rose 20¢ to $2.77/mi
  • Chicago to Philadelphia was up 16¢ to $3.03/mi
  • Chicago to Denver increased 13¢ to $2.40/mi


In general, the sharpest decreases were out West.

  • Twin Falls, ID to Phoenix fell 38¢ to $1.79/mi
  • Fresno to Denver dropped 20¢ to $2.60/mi
  • Sacramento to Denver dipped 15¢ to $2.55/mi
  • Sacramento to Salt Lake City also dipped 15¢ to $2.75/mi
  • Miami to Elizabeth, NJ declined 20¢ to $1.39/mi

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